Radiation Reality


On the 11th June, 2012, I took delivery of some mildly radioactive rocks from Nighthawk Minerals.  I put the ziplock bags of radioactive 'mud' under my sheets, hung the pendant rock around my neck, and put the waterstone in a approx. 1.6 litre water jug in my fridge.  Since then I have filled water bottles (about 4) each morning from the water jug for drinking through the day, and kept the pendant on most of the time - except when showering or running.  What is so interesting is that, since then, I have not had the usual two or three colds and or sore throats per year.  I recently travelled to England via jet, a circumstance previously almost guaranteed to make me sick.  I did get some very mild cold and sore throat symptoms, but these disappeared after about four days.  That was June 2013.  As I live in a location where people travel worldwide and come back (truly a 'United Nations' type of community) and other people here always seem to be getting sick, I feel my experiment has been validated.  I am convinced that the slightly elevated background radiation levels I now experience are generating a kind of 'vaccination' effect....   and I love it!   Chris Davey, 23rd August 2013

P .S. I added to the effect in February 2013, by getting a set of five radiant beads from Ian Soutar - this boosts my very slightly elevated radiation field a little more (at least it does in the area within a few centimetres of my upper chest, as that is about the limit of the effective range of the elevated field from such small sources).

14th September 2013

Good health continues to be the norm, and I continue to wear my beads and the rock, sleep on my 'mudpack', and drink my 'radonified' water.  I can't believe I spent all those years waiting to get these benefits!!


24th September 2013

Great article about Fukushima and the Misunderstood Effects of Radiation , by Jerry Cuttler D.Sc. at this link  


25th October 2013

Good article dismissing all the paranoia about Fukushima:


2nd January 2014

My first real cold since I began this 'experiment':  it was a mild one, and lasted just a few days.  It did not involve hundreds of tissues or interrupted sleep patterns.  Much less impact than the kind I used to get every few months!

28th March 2014

I don't want to sugar-coat this - so here is the latest - yes, I have had another cold, but again it was very mild and might have caused me to use an extra three or four tissues for two or three days.  No impact on my normal day to day activities...   and I keep hearing of friends being sick with fevers and being out of action for days - glad to 'pass' on those experiences, and respectfully suggest to anyone reading this:  you can avoid such misery too!

22nd June 2014

I've been away to a great conference [BTW, health continues to be excellent, despite exposure to the airplane recirculated air on long flights to London (England) and Vancouver (Canada).]

Highlights from the Canadian Radiation Protection Association Conference – I learned some things that heartened but surprised me:
  1. the business about declaring radon gas as the second leading cause of lung cancer was politically motivated by the US EPA, and this according to CRPA's now-retired Health Cancer expert, who was 'on the scene' at the time and was part of the reason why Canada did not follow the US 'push' to scare everyone with the idea of a 'deadly gas' in their homes.  When I spoke to a current Canadian government worker (who had just presented on the dangers of radon gas, echoing the EPA message, after many years), I found out that she knew what she was presenting was not true... she was just doing her job.  (yuck)
  2. the idea of nuclear annihilation resulting from a nuclear world war is not accurate - if all the weapons had been used, back when there were a lot more than there now are (due to arms reduction treaties) but had not been targeted at cities where people live, ('cos the explosions would have wiped out the inhabitants instantly!), the increase in world-wide radiation levels would not have resulted in any increase in cancer rates.  (So much for Neville Shute's famous and depressing novel of the 50s, "On the Beach", where the inhabitants of Australia are waiting for the radiation to drift over from the rest of the world, after a nuclear war, and kill them all.)
  3. about 1500 old people died when they were evacuated from the Fukushima area after the reactors melted down - due to the disruption of their lives, living in temporary accommodation, being stuck on buses, etc.)  If no one had been evacuated at all, no one would have died, and the extra dose received would have been less than the amount allowed for nuclear workers, (i.e. much, much less than that received from nature every year by the inhabitants of Ramsar Iran, Guarapari, Brazil, etc.)

I'd still love to be a part of a team of scientists, living in the 'exclusion zone' around Fukushima, growing vegetables in the garden there (and eating them), measuring radiation and having my health and radiation levels monitored, to prove that there is no reason to keep people away from the homes and workplaces.  I wish someone could figure out how to set this up, (but of course the political problems are huge!!) ... the benefits would be world-changing: no more energy problems, clean air, good jobs and wonderful health care improvements.

7th December 2014

I get amused looks from some of my friends, thinking that my improved health is a figment of my imagination.  So...   here I am, about 8 months after my ultra-mild cold, letting you know (in the interests of objectivity, if there ever is such a thing) that I came down with a more substantial cold last Thursday.  I found myself using quite a few kleenex (maybe twenty in a day) and experienced a headache that lasted until Friday, when I hit it with ibuprofen.  I certainly didn't feel a hundred percent, but did carry on with work and other routines without any difficulty.   How often do you get a cold?  (I'm still thinking this is a long period).  Now, on Sunday, it is fading away.   I suppose the real point is, this is not an expensive way to boost health, and there really isn't a credible mechanism for it to harm, so why wouldn't it be worth trying?   I suppose the old mushroom cloud still hangs over a lot of people's subconscious.  It's a shame.

17th January 2015

Just updating my previous post - a slight (and annoying!) cough hung on obstinately for a few days after my last post.  I suppose one of the few disadvantages of reducing the frequency of colds, etc., is that, when one gets even a mild one, it is even more distasteful, because one is not used to it!!   Happy New Year!

27th May 2015
Feeling healthy, as I generally do, I sometimes forget how long it has been since I last reported here.  'No health problems' continues to be the norm.... and I love it!